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We leverage our deep-rooted expertise in data solutions for an advanced solution that enables seamless data migrations from legacy applications to modern innovative systems.

Migrate for Improved Business Agility

Data serves as the fundamental framework of every organisation. We firmly believe that the effectiveness of a data management system hinges upon the quality of the data it encompasses. Whether you are transitioning your data to a new system or converting it into a different format, MigratIO ensures the transfer of relevant data to optimise business outcomes.

Our comprehensive data migration strategy considers the destination of the data and prioritises the objectives that the organisation aims to accomplish with the data in its new location.

MigratIO’s data migration approach goes beyond simple data relocation, making migration repeatable, reliable and consistent. This ensures that organisations looking to standardise their data management practices achieve seamless transitions. MigratIO maintains data integrity by adhering to ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability) principles, so that the data remains accurate throughout the migration process.

Challenges We Address

The financial sector deals with a large volume of highly regulated information that undergoes intense scrutiny during data migration. This challenge is compounded by the presence of legacy systems. The strict regulatory frameworks of the financial industry necessitate the maintenance of high standards of security and privacy during data migrations which can escalate complexity and costs.

Integrating disparate legacy systems with modern solutions requires robust strategies to maintain data integrity and consistency. The imperative of addressing data quality issues, including incomplete or erroneous records, amplifies the complexity of migration efforts, mandating thorough data cleansing procedures.

MigratIO provides a scalable, secure and flexible solution that reduces downtime and the cost of migrations. With its no-code user interface, intelligent data mapping, and predictive data transformation, MigratIO simplifies the migration process.





High Costs

High Costs

Large Tech Teams

Large Tech Teams

Testing at Scale

Testing at Scale

MigratIO in Action


Our resilient migration framework

MigrateIO facilitates a smooth transition of data to new systems, emphasising the objectives of the migration and the realisation of intended business outcomes. Specifically designed with business analysts in mind, MigrateIO requires no coding for setting up data pipelines, making it user friendly and accessible. By incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we deliver faster, more accurate, and cost-effective data migrations to seamlessly upgrade your digital infrastructure. This approach not only simplifies the migration process but also significantly reduces the time and resources needed for successful migrations, enabling a more efficient transition to modern systems.

Schema Inference
Auto Reconciliation
Realtime Monitoring and Control
Migration Run Audits and Change Logs
Individual Record Data Correction
Reusable Migration Templates

Feature Showcase   

MigratIO is a comprehensive core data migration solution that features end-to-end configurability, template reusability, repeatable migrations, distributed data processing, versioning and an intuitive interface. Designed around the principles of user-centricity, MigratIO can easily setup, monitor, and modify migration tasks with accessible no-code templates.

Intelligent Data Mapping

Traditional data migration processes often require extensive manual mapping of data fields between legacy and modern applications. MigratIO enables a simple UI designed to be used by business analysts to intelligently map source datasets with target. This enables rapid build of source to target mapping to test and prove data quality across dev/test and production environments.

Enable Early Data Profiling

Data Quality is crucial for successful migration. Our easy-to-use UI accelerates test cycles enabling rapid data profiling. Surfacing data quality issues early will enable maximum time to fix potential data issues at source.

Reusable Data Transformation

Transformation of data from legacy formats to target application data structures is a critical step in the migration process. Once built and proven through the end-end testing and proving cycles can be re-used for future migrations. Proven data transformation mapping reduce risk associated with any migration enabling predictive outcomes.

Real-time Monitoring Dashboards

During Migration events MigratIO enables real-time monitoring of the migration event. Errors can be corrected one at a time by using the data correction utility and retrying load to enable 100% data integrity and not leave any data behind. MigratIO also enables all pre-configured reports to be downloaded to satisfy further migration accuracy and integrity proof points.

Scalable and Secure Architecture

We understand the importance of data security and scalability. Our solution is designed to handle large volumes of data with robust security measures in place to safeguard sensitive information throughout the migration process.

Enable Rapid Test Cycles

MigratIO enables rapid test cycles by automating all the end-end processes. Rapid test cycles help greater quality of data getting loaded by providing early visibility of data quality issues. Each time the migration has been run, the results are audited to verify if the data quality in the target system is getting better with each run.

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Successful Data Migration for a leading bank and a new Fund Administration Platform

A tale of the seamless management of £20 billion in assets for a series A funded fund administration platform, setting new benchmarks within the highly regulated space of Financial Services for operational efficiency, accuracy, and scalability.

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