Leverage Game-Changing Quality, Flexibility and Control

Reconcile large volumes of critical data, integrate siloed systems onto a unified platform, accurately verify accounts, and meet regulatory reporting needs with our intelligent reconciliation automation.

Friction-free Reconciliation with Advanced Automation

The conventional approach to data reconciliation, characterised by manual extraction and input, can have operational inefficiencies and be prone to errors. An automated reconciliation process significantly reduces the time needed for data collection, enabling quicker reconciliation cycles. This improvement in efficiency not only transforms business operations but also opens up new opportunities for innovation.

Automating data ingestion from various sources establishes a real-time data foundation for precise reporting. This approach reduces operational costs, enhances the speed of information delivery, and promotes organisational agility.

RecAi streamlines the data collection process, efficiently gathering information from diverse sources such as databases, APIs, and spreadsheets. This rapid data integration facilitates a swift return on investment by minimising manual inaccuracies. Our solution seamlessly ensures regulatory compliance, automating essential reconciliations for standards like CASS. With a flexible, rule-based engine, RecAi readily adapts to changing requirements, offering enhanced scalability and control.

Challenges We Address

The increasing complexity of financial instruments and the volume of diverse data within the sector have made it necessary for financial institutions to modernise reconciliation mechanisms to harmonise disparate datasets. 

The prevalence of manual reconciliation processes remains a persistent obstacle, consuming substantial time and resources while leaving room for human error and operational inefficiency. The evolution of regulatory requirements needs agile and adaptable reconciliation solutions to remain compliant and mitigate risks effectively. 

RecAi integrates with existing systems and automates workflows to deliver a scalable and secure architecture for efficient reconciliation. Its no-code user interface leverages predictive data transformation and real-time reconciliation to enhance productivity while maintaining a comprehensive audit trail.

Operational Inefficiency

Operational Inefficiency



Inability to Scale

Inability to Scale

Error Prone

Error Prone

Feature Showcase 

Automated Data Ingestion

Traditional data reconciliation processes often involve manual data extraction and input, leading to inefficiencies and errors. Our platform automates the data ingestion process, swiftly capturing data from multiple sources, including databases, APIs, spreadsheets, and more. This automated approach significantly reduces the time required for data collection, allowing for faster reconciliation cycles.

Predictive Data Transformation

Powered by sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, our platform performs data reconciliation with unparalleled precision. The algorithms analyse data from diverse sources, identify discrepancies, and intelligently match records, optimising accuracy, and minimising false positives.

Real-time Reconciliation

Timely and accurate data reconciliation is critical for decision-making. Our platform offers real-time reconciliation capabilities, providing up-to-the-minute insights into data discrepancies and anomalies. This empowers businesses to proactively address potential issues, enabling more informed and agile decision-making.

Customisable Matching Rules

We understand that different industries and businesses have unique data reconciliation requirements. Our solution allows users to customise matching rules based on specific data attributes, business rules, and industry standards. This flexibility ensures that the reconciliation process aligns precisely with each organisation's needs.

Comprehensive Audit Trail

Transparency and auditability are fundamental to data reconciliation. Our platform maintains a comprehensive audit trail, recording all reconciliation activities, data sources, and matching decisions. This audit trail is invaluable for compliance purposes and provides a detailed historical record for analysis and reporting.

Scalable and Secure Architecture

Our data reconciliation platform is built with scalability and security in mind. It can efficiently handle increasing data volumes and maintain data confidentiality throughout the process. Industry-leading security measures safeguard sensitive information, ensuring peace of mind for our clients.